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1004016     This is a morning coat suitable for a French Fashion or China head doll. It is an off white with a tiny circle and line design. The edges are enhanced with a rust color embroidered trim. The coat measures 16" from shoulder to hem, 13" around under the arms, 38" around at the hem, 6 1/2" from under the arm to the cuff, and 4" around at the cuff. There is wear to the right sleeve lace, left edge of the collar, left sleeve end, brownish spot on the back, and seam separation under the left arm. The coat has two pockets, a 7-button front closure, and the entire coat is tapered and fitted. Despite its minor problems, this is a wonderful coat. Good condition, but unless otherwise noted, it is probably in used, played-with, non-new condition.
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Price: $65.00

1004015     This is a light jacket or vest suitable for a French Fashion or China head doll. It is black satin with black fringe all around. There are some holes and seam separations along the back panel, and a 1" vertical repair on the right back - see photos. The jacket measures 9 1/2" from shoulder to bottom, 18" around under the arms, 22" around the waist, and 6" around for the arm opening. Good condition with age wear, but it is probably in used, played-with, non-new condition.
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Price: $24.50

809066    This is a silken cream color doll dress with fancy silky flower pattern, lace trim, and ribbon front. It has a two button closure in back. It is 12" from shoulder to hem, 3 1/2" from shoulder to waist, 7" around the waist, about 4" from shoulder to cuff, and 3 1/4" around the arm opening. There is spotting throughout and some thins.
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Price: $24.00

607014     This is a black lace muff for a larger French fashion doll. It has an unusual contour; rather than being completely cylindrical, the back is flattened so that it fits snugly against the stomach. It is 5 1/2" long and about 3 1/2" high; the hand opening is about 1 1/4" diameter. Good condition. Great for a trousseau or having the doll wear it.
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Price: $15.00

606058     Although this blouse has some problems, it still is a good example of accessories for a French fashion doll. The blouse is 4" from shoulder to waist and 10" around the waist. The base fabric is melting and the waist hem is ragged; still is could be repaired or used as a pattern.
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Price: $9.50

601008     Here are three drawstring purses suitable for a fashion doll and made from early fabrics. The fabrics are old and have a silky feel to them, but I am not sure when they were made into drawstring purses. They are 3 3/4", 3" and 2 5/8" long. All are in good condition.

Price: $12.00

701023    This is a nice dress for a French Fashion or bisque doll. It is 10" from shoulder to hem, 7 1/2" around the waist, and the sleeve opening is 2 1/2" diameter. Three button closure the bottom button is missing. Lace on sleeve and ruffle. Good condition, slight age discoloration.
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Price: $49.00


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